On November 10, an agribusiness conference OK Agro was held, during which Alisher Tyazhin, General Director of KUSTO AGRO, spoke about farming, as well as the main problems and risks associated with it. Work 24/7 “A farmer must always be online, observe the data he receives, understanding not only technological aspects, but also financial, economic and political


The Kazakh-Ukrainian Investment Forum, which was attended by civil servants and representatives of agribusiness, including Alisher Tyazhin, CEO of Kusto Agro Group, was held in Kyiv. The event was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazakh Invest, and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Gennady Chizhikov, the Head

How to develop partner relationships between agricultural producers and the territorial community?

  On February 28, the first “Development in Partnership” forum of Baranivska ATC was held. The event brought together entrepreneurs who conduct their business both in the community territory and beyond it. Alisher Tyazhyn, the CEO of Kusto Agro, joined the forum. The “Development in Partnership” forum allowed business representatives and local authorities to start

How Kusto Agro specialists took training

  The rapid development of new technologies urges Kusto Agro professionals to constantly gain new skills in using innovations. To learn about the agricultural market trends in more detail, the company representatives attended several seminars to take some training. AGH Forum — Syngenta One of the seminars was held in Zakopane, Poland. Here, the leading

Kusto Agro Social Policy

  Oksana Talianchuk, director of the social policy department at Kusto Agro, tells about Kusto Agro social policy. “We are a socially-oriented company, so we always try to do our best to improve villagers’ welfare,” says Oksana Talianchuk. In Ukraine, Kusto Agro is developing as an international local company. As part of international business, it

Alphabet Agro — gardening and berry growing

  The Kusto Agro Company has recently launched a new direction — gardening and berry growing, and Tetyana Rezonenko, CEO of Alphabet Agro, headed it. Our shareholders in different regions have constantly been interested in creating new jobs. That is why Kusto Agro started implementing new agricultural activities — gardening and berry growing. The Alphabet

Winter wheat and rapeseed cultivation

  Kusto Agro has finished works on soil cultivation. The farmers have already applied fertilizers in the fields where winter rapeseed and wheat are grown. Volodymyr Siryi, Kusto Agro Farming’s CEO, talks about the peculiarities of winter works. “Soil cultivation is an important phase conducted by our company every year. As soon as the frosts

Kusto Agro and Baranivska Territorial Community Cooperation Strategy

  On February 5, the Kusto Agro Company had a meeting with Baranivska Amalgamated Territorial Community representatives, where they discussed their further cooperation strategy. Mayor Anatoliy Dushko and the first deputy mayor for council executive bodies’ activities Natalia Kokitko noted Kusto Agro’s high social activity in the settlements where the company conducts its business activities.

Kusto Agro Logistics: problems and solutions

  Maryna Semenenko, Logistics Deputy CEO at Kusto Trading and Logistics, speaks about the main problems of grain logistics at the Ukrainian Grain Forum. The Ukrainian Grain Forum is a specialized event for agricultural producers and grain processors, where participants discuss the most pressing topics and issues for agribusinesses: transportation from the field to the

Exemplary Kazakh Agribusiness  

  Rodina Agribusiness LLC is known all over Kazakhstan. It features smooth asphalted streets lined with new neat cottage-style homes, a modern dairy and livestock complex, and well-tended fields stretching around. Other farms send livestock breeders and technologists to adopt its practices, workers are queuing to get a job here, and journalists cover all successful