Good Fields — let us do it together!

  We have already informed about launching our Good Fields platform. Today, we will tell you more about crowdfunding in general and our project in particular. Crowdfunding is a new milestone in investing for Ukrainians. In Europe and the USA, this area is successfully developing, but in our country, it is not so widespread so

Agro History of Ukraine: Top 10 Significant Events That Changed the Fate of the Farmer

  To commemorate Independence Day, we have made a compilation of the most important Ukrainian agro events which have affected the country’s agricultural sector. Land Reform (1991) The all-Ukrainian referendum which defined Ukraine as an independent country created the prerequisites for innovative farming methods. That same year, on March 15, the Ukrainian Parliament launched a

Repressions and famine in Kazakhstan

  Every year, on May 31, Kazakhstan marks the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repressions. The facts of famine and repressions in the first half of the 20th century are among the most tragic pages of the history of Kazakhstan. As a result of repressions and famine, about half of the population of

Welcome Lishchynske Farm LLC

We have recently told you about a new agribusiness, Tereshchenko Agricultural Fund LLC, which joined the Kusto Agro Company. However, this is not the only newcomer. Today, we will tell you about another new branch strengthening our team — Lishchynske Farm LLC. This farm is based in the village of Lishchyn, Zhytomyr region. Its total

Organic flax

Where is flax used? Oil and fiber are the main products produced from organic flax. The former one is used in beauty care products and the latter one – in fabric weaving. Flax is widely used in the following industries:         food production;         textile;         pharmaceutical         building;         beauty care In 2017-2018, flax exports decreased by 60% compared

When you enjoy your work

  What is the company like at present, what challenges did it have to face in 2018, and what are its plans for the future? Alisher Tyazhyn, one of the company’s leaders, a young and creative Kusto Agro’s Deputy CEO answered these and other questions just before the New Year. The Kusto Agro Company has

Holstein breed of cows

  Our Velce dairy farm sustains cows of Holstein breed. What kind of breed is this and why we have chosen it? We will tell you about it in this article. Holsteins originate from lowland breeds spread in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany. European farmers started breeding this species in about the 18th century, and

Kusto Agro dispatcher service

  The Kusto Agro dispatcher service department was created four years ago. Since its first days, it was headed by Serhiy Dzyumka. The department is engaged in GPS-equipped machinery monitoring. Its employees also provide quantitative and qualitative control of the company fields. The dispatcher service employs 3 people: two of them are responsible for GPS