Alphabet Agro awarded the best employees

  This year, Alphabet Agro, the berry producer, which operates as part of Kusto Agro, awarded the best workers employed at the farm.  In 2019, Svitlana Kukharchuk, Raisa Osavolyuk, and Tetyana Cherneha have planted the largest number of strawberry seedlings in the fields of Baikivka village. Halyna Neroda, Olena Shiruk, and Natalia Yurchenko have shown

Kusto Agro visited the AGROIT Forum 2019

  Last week, Kusto Agro representatives — IT Director Volodymyr Zahorodniy and Chief Dispatcher Serhiy Dzhumka — visited the AGROIT Forum. The participants of the event spoke about the trends and technologies for the agricultural sector, which they had managed to take over from IT companies. The AGROIT Forum 2019 is the fourth annual forum

Spika AB: The Care for land goes first

  Ihor Hinailo, the director of the agribusiness Spika, speaks about its secrets of success and its operation. Spika AB works like a well-oiled machine to increase the company’s credibility and its shareholders’ well-being. Igor Hinailo, who has been heading the agribusiness for two years, believes that their success depends first and foremost on efficient

Good Fields — let us do it together!

  We have already informed about launching our Good Fields platform. Today, we will tell you more about crowdfunding in general and our project in particular. Crowdfunding is a new milestone in investing for Ukrainians. In Europe and the USA, this area is successfully developing, but in our country, it is not so widespread so

Agro History of Ukraine: Top 10 Significant Events That Changed the Fate of the Farmer

  To commemorate Independence Day, we have made a compilation of the most important Ukrainian agro events which have affected the country’s agricultural sector. Land Reform (1991) The all-Ukrainian referendum which defined Ukraine as an independent country created the prerequisites for innovative farming methods. That same year, on March 15, the Ukrainian Parliament launched a

Repressions and famine in Kazakhstan

  Every year, on May 31, Kazakhstan marks the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repressions. The facts of famine and repressions in the first half of the 20th century are among the most tragic pages of the history of Kazakhstan. As a result of repressions and famine, about half of the population of