Kusto Agro Group got the ISO 9001:2015 certificate of international standard for quality

Based on the certification audit conducted by the Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine, our Kusto Agro Group made it to the top in the agricultural sector. We received the ISO 9001:2015 certificate of international standard (for quality) for carrying out management and business activities in accordance with international standards.     Standards provide the requirements for

Promotion of agricultural products to the markets of the Middle East and North Africa

On August 18, 2017, Shakir Shamiliov presented his report “Penetrating the markets of the Middle East and North Africa” at the Second agricultural conference “Marketing of agrarian products”, which was organized in Kyiv by the company “ProAgro”. We prepared a compilation of the main talking points. How “Kusto Agro Trading” started a business of export

On the way toward progress

The biggest achievement of “Kusto Agro” on its way toward the creation of the most effective method of economic management is the formation of the management and monitoring system and the use of different technical systems of precision farming. Volodymyr Ohiychuk Dispatcher service The head of the “Kusto Agro” dispatcher service Sergiy Dzyumka has told

John Deere representatives conducted the educational event at the premises of “Servisagroteh”

The training on the operation and maintenance of John Deere tractors was conducted at the premises of our enterprise “Servisagroteh”, which is located in Baykivka, Kalynivsky district, Vinnytsia region. Representatives of the company “John Deere” conducted the training. The latter consisted of 2 parts: theoretical and practical. In the first part of the course, the

“Field day” on the lands of “Agroline-Ukraine”

On June 30, the executives of agricultural enterprises from Lyubarsky district, Zhytomyr region, gathered on the rape demo field of our company “Agroline-Ukraine”. There was celebrated the “Field day”, which was organized together with the leading manufacturer of rape seeds Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht and the company specializing in plant protection products “Adama Ukraine”. We have all

Koziatyn Eco-Challenge

We continue to tell about the ecological baton Eco-Challenge, which is run by the KUSTO AGRO firm in the localities and enterprises. Recently, the provision of urban amenities event took place on the premises of the Elevator firm subdivision in the city of Koziatyn. The relay was handed to the citizens of Koziatyn by “Agroline-Ukraine”