“Kusto Agro” develops organic farming in its fields, annually increasing the acreage and variety of such crops. In the material, we will tell you why we decided to do this.

In Europe, organic products are popular and in demand among consumers, despite the fact that they are more expensive. This is a profitable business, because the world organic market annually grows by 10-15%. But in order to sell these products abroad, it is necessary to pass the appropriate certification. In addition to benefits, organic farming has a number of advantages – we identified the main 5 of them.

Benefits for the human body

Organic crops aren’t treated with chemicals, and therefore don’t have in their composition dangerous substances for the body. Also, special methods of cultivation allow preserving the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for a person. For example, “Kusto Agro” doesn’t use organic fertilizers for organic production, and enriches the soil only with fertilizers of biological origin. This is one of the main reasons why these products have such a demand.

Organic products — safe for children

The number of allergies among children is growing every year. Not last of such a situation was affected by adverse environmental factors. There are a lot of harmful impurities in the air, drinking water isn’t always of high quality, and before that food products are added that can contain residues of nitrates and pesticides. Organic farming allows you to grow crops without such “surprises” in its composition.

Organic farming preserves the environment

In addition to the benefits to the human body, the cultivation of such products has much less negative effects on the environment. Traditional agriculture has a serious impact on land. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides accumulate in the soil layer and migrate, contaminating and underground water. In organic farming, the use of such approaches is unacceptable. We use only organic fertilizers — PPP manure. This allowed achieving an increase in yield without chemical loading on soil. Harvest of corn in our fields has grown to 13 tons / ha.

The fields aren’t depleted

Previously, extensive farming was widespread in Ukraine. The main thing was get the crops in here and today, and what will happen to the land no one else was interested in. As a result, the lands are depleted and need to be restored. An important difference between organic farming and traditional farming is that it forms and stabilizes the soil.

Conservation of natural areas and biodiversity

Organic farming assumes active use of crop rotations, as well as the cultivation of rare species of crops. This supports biodiversity and creates a healthy gene pool, which is the basis for the adaptation of new varieties and species. There are also favorable conditions for attracting organisms useful to the organic system, such as pollinators and phages.

Growing ecologically pure crops requires significant time and resource costs. Such production is more expensive and has more risks: the crop can hit diseases, etc. But “Kusto Agro” cares about the land on which it works and about the consumers of its products, and therefore develops this direction. In the near future, organic production is planned to expand to 10% of all crops and the development of new crops, such as peas and oats.