Conduction of general statistical studies in the localities where Kusto Agro carries out business activities shows that 63 percent of the company’s shareholders are senior citizens. Most of them have neither physical nor financial opportunity to have a high-quality medical examination. As a rule, their visit to the hospital is tied to a bus timetable.

That’s why the company took a decision to conduct a free medical examination for its shareholders at their place of residence. Medical clearance will be conducted by such doctors as a cardiologist, a gynecologist, a therapist, and a pediatrician. People will also have a chance to undergo general clinical laboratory examinations and a fluorography examination.

The shareholders of “Agro-Dnister” were first to have a medical examination. Professional consultations from the leading specialists of the Novoushytska central hospital were provided to 170 people.

“Kusto Agro” is the first business among agricultural holdings that has launched such a project for its shareholders. The health of shareholders is a priority for our company. There will be the second stage of the medical clearance, which will include a fluorography examination; it will start from August.

Enterprises “Spika” and “Agroline-Ukraine” will be the next in queue.