We have recently talked to Alexander Pirogov, Kusto Logistics CEO. He said their company was purposefully working to obtain its own carriage rolling stock. So now, a few months later, Kusto Logistics has acquired 20 railroad cars. This is the best evidence that the company stands by its word and does not give vain promises. We talked to Alexander Pirogov about the possibilities which the company’s own rolling stock provides.

– Hello, Alexander. First of all, please tell us why you’ve chosen the railroad cars manufactured by the Kryukiv Railroad Car Plant.

– The Kryukiv Railway Car Manufacturing Plant produces modern and the best railroad cars for grain transportation. There are no counterparts in Ukraine so far. So, the choice was simple.

– What specifications do these cars possess?

– These are hopper cars able to transport any grain crops. There are no restrictions. It’s important for us, as a logistics company, to provide safe cargo transportation services to our contractors. Unfortunately, a widespread scheme is practiced now when abusers retract hatches and pour out cargo. The purchased cars ensure the kind of unloading model which renders fraudulent actions, namely pouring out cargo during transportation, impossible. Besides, there are no losses and spills. As a result, our contractors don’t incur additional financial losses.

There is another important advantage – these cars can carry larger loads. For instance, the load capacity of cars is significantly lower while transporting such crops as sunflower or rapeseed. But the increased cubic capacity allows solving this issue and transporting the optimal cargo capacity.

– What are the own rolling stock advantages?

– On the present transportation market,  the demand for own hopper cars, grain transporters, is high because the Ukrainian Railways’ rolling stock is able to provide only a quarter of the necessary transportation capacity. Companies, producing grain, and traders are forced to subject to any terms in order to execute contracts and eventually incur unreasonable financial losses. So, to ensure supply continuity and timely transportation of merchandise, it’s necessary to possess an own rolling stock.

There is one more thing – in some cases, certain enterprises don’t comply with agreements, changing supply and tariff terms. Kusto Logistics is a company with another approach and other operation principles. We are cooperating with more than 30 contractors, planning to increase our customer base. That is why the most important task for us is to implement all the agreements concluded with our contractors.

Kusto Logistics is the company that stands by its word. We don’t promise things we are unable to implement – reputation is important to us, and we are working to gain a name. If we take commitments, we do everything in a proper way. If the contract states two weeks term, we will accomplish it within two weeks.

Our company has come to this business for more than a single day or year. We plan to develop the Kusto Logistics exclusively as a long-term project. Grain railroad cars acquisition is one of the proofs of it.

– Your company is engaged not just in grain transportation, isn’t it?

– Kusto Logistics is a company experienced in various cargoes transportation services. Various processed products may also be among transported goods. We are able to operate different types of railroad cars: besides our own grain hopper cars, we possess all the permits and codes allowing us to accept covered cars, tanks, etc. straight from the Ukrainian Railways.

– What other services does Kusto Logistics provide?

– We have possibilities, and a qualified team, as well as deep understanding of this business. We can provide various types of services.

Kusto Logistics provides the full support for export deliveries: customs clearance, documentation required by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as export phytosanitary and veterinary certificates. Our company will ensure all the documents necessary for goods transportation. We have all relevant permissions and a unique sender and recipient code for all six Ukrainian Railway branches.

We also provide consulting services to our contractors: we tell them about the different elevators’ advantages and disadvantages and advise them where it’s better to store their grain. Our experience and acquired knowledge allow us to provide knowledgeable advice.

– Have you got any plans to develop your company in the nearest future?

– We are an ambitious team, so our plans are many. So far, I don’t want to reveal details, but I assure you – all our plans are aimed at the company’s development and expanding.

– Thank you for your time!


Kusto Logistics CEO’s credentials

Personal data: Alexander Pirogov, 35 years of age, married, has got a son.

Education: in 2005, graduated from the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport, a degree in “Railway structures and track economy.”

Experience and professional data:

2001-2005 – Vinnytsia, Vinnytsia permanent way division. Section foreman: railroad technical condition control, repair works management.

2005-2010 – B&Y Ltd, Odessa. Freight forwarding manager: grain cargoes transportation management, work with railway stations, elevators, and certification services. Cargo transportation by the Ukrainian railroad and to ports.

2010-2012 – Upi-Mahistral, Kyiv. Engineer (technical duties, railroad logistics). Grain cargoes transportation management, work with railway stations, elevators, certification services, customs brokers, customs inspectors. Cargo transportation by the Ukrainian railroad and to ports, direct export.

2012-2016 – Vinnytsia branch of FIRST Logistics Company LLC, director of the Vinnytsia branch: operating office work management; human resources selection, training, and superintendence. The complex of works starting from rolling stock ordering to accounting documents preparation. The branch’s area of ​​activity covered ten regions of Ukraine.

2016-2017 – FIRST LOGISTICS COMPANY LLC, Kyiv. Operations Director: the companies’ offices management (Kyiv, Lviv, Cherkasy, Zaporizhzhya). Human resources selection, training, and superintendence, 62 employees in direct subordination. The complex of works starting from rolling stock ordering to unloading operations in ports. Personal work with companies’ VIP clients.