PJSC “Kalinovsky Agrohim”, located in the city Kalinovka in Vinnitsa region, was established in 1998 on the basis of the collective farm “Druzhba”. After the collective farm fell apart the society began to rent the premises of the former CFF. During the whole period of work the company was engaged in plant growing and applied only the classical intensive method of growing crops. The main crops in the crop rotation also remained almost unchanged: wheat, corn, sunflower and corn were the main constituent of crops.

In 2014 PJSC “Kalinovsky Agrohim” becomes part of the “Kusto Agro” group. Ivan Tsioma becomes the new chairman of the board, who until that time worked as a director of a bakery. The enterprise carries out an audit of land and equipment, which at that time were about 100 obsolete and often non-working samples. In order to reduce current expenses, the company’s power facilities, such as power grids and gas equipment, were repaired and reorganized. The old collective farm premises were repaired and re-equipped.

The technology park was decided to be transferred to a separate subdivision – service enterprise “Service-Agrotech”. Thus, the machine operators and tractor drivers moved to the service division, while employees of the current economy and service personnel remained at the Kalinovsky Agrohim PJSC. This approach allowed us to update the entire fleet of vehicles with modern machines that can be used by several companies for several units, reducing the cost of creating individual technical parks in each of the group’s enterprise.

At the moment the volume of the land bank of the enterprise is about 2500 hectares, which is located in the villages Baykovka, Grushkovtsy and Chernyatin of Vinnitsa region and the village Markushi of Zhytomyr region. In the season of 2017 three crops – flax, corn and sunflower – are planned in the Agrohim crop rotation. The planning of crop rotation and agrochemical activities in the fields is carried out by the centralized agronomic service “Kusto Agro”. Workers – the director, agronomist and workers on the spot, are the direct executors of the decisions of the management of the company “Kusto Agro”.

Another aspect of the work, for which the management of Agrohim is responsible, is social work on sites. The budget of social programs is formed on a “bottom-up” basis. Chairman of the Board Ivan Tsioma, based on the social needs of the villages, forms and sends to the central administration of “Kusto Agro” a budget for each year, which is then discussed and approved. Thus, over the past two years, the Kalinovsky Agrohim PJSC has built a new church in Baykovtsy, repairs roads, removes garbage, clears snow, and provides material assistance. The shareholder at the same time receives personal assistance – both material and services – free plowing 0.3 hectares, equipment services. The strategy here is simple – a satisfied shareholder will not be a victim of the Raiders’ promises, and good social assistance conditions will be the best advertising for other villagers.

The company already has certain achievements: in 2016, the AVM-6 mill was rebuilt with double-cut milling, and this year its own bakery was put into operation. A new FOPRO grain dryer and UKR-2 crusher has been installed, which will allow producing various types of cereals, which local villagers have long dreamed of. Due to this bread is baked for own needs without intermediaries, after all flour is used from own wheat, and grinding is carried out at own mill. The plans are also to restore and repair the local house of culture.