Every year at the beginning of summer, Children’s Day is celebrated. Youth support is one of the main directions of the social policy of Kusto Agro, and the company pays attention to children not only on the first of June.


As early as 1924 in Geneva at the World Conference on the welfare of children, the need for social protection of children’s rights was proclaimed. But only a quarter of a century in Paris at the session of the Council of the International Democratic Women’s Federation was founded the Children’s Day holiday. The following year, it was celebrated in more than 50 countries around the world. Subsequently, the initiative was supported by the UN and declared the protection of children’s rights and life a priority in their work. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1959. The document encourages parents, public organizations and governments to recognize the rights of children and promote their observance. The holiday has its own logo: five stylized figures symbolizing children around the globe.


Children’s Day in Ukraine is a national holiday. The corresponding decree was signed in 1998. On this day, most businesses and public organizations visit orphanages, shelters and other public institutions. The collective of the company “Kusto Agro” also prepared gifts on the occasion of the holiday. For feldsher-midwife station in the villages Glinovtsy and Zabara purchased baby scales, and in the Lipnyansk school – an electric meat grinder.


“Kusto Agro” pays attention to children not only on the first of June. Traditionally the company gives children sweets for the New Year, prepares gifts for first-graders, and holds various festive events. Funds are allocated for repairing the premises of educational institutions.


Among the schools that the company helped to support was a general educational institution in the village Lipno. This is a typical two-story building, designed for 300 pupils. Now the school has 160 children. Recently, by the decision of the session of the district council, it was determined that it was a basic school. Now, children from neighboring villages have the right to study here. Already 38 children from other settlements come here, in the future this number can increase.


The school has repeatedly hosted regional qualifying competitions in volleyball. Well-developed extra-curricular work – there are prize winners of national Olympiads in fine arts.


Today there is insufficient funding in the district, only enough for teachers and technical personnel, and it is almost impossible to acquire something to improve the educational process. Therefore, the active social position of local business is very important.


“Kusto Agro” contributes to the development of the school. Two years ago, the company helped with the acquisition of a tablet, a multimedia projector and a screen. The gift was presented personally by the director of social policy of the company Oksana Talianchuk. Now teachers can use the presentation material during the lessons.


This year, “Kusto Agro” bought an electric meat grinder for the school cafeteria, which facilitated the cooking. Cooperation continues. There is a preliminary agreement to purchase 10 tables and chairs, as well as a teacher’s table, to create a computer room for primary classes. This is one of the first schools, if not the first school in the district that will have such a cabinet – the ergonomics of jobs will take into account the needs of students of lower grades.


Oksana Talianchuk notes: “Children’s Day isn’t only a happy holiday for the children themselves, but also a reminder to us adults that we need to do as much as possible to ensure that children grow up healthy, happy, learn in the right conditions, and in the future become good people and worthy patriots of their native land.”