The past 2017 season was difficult but, at the same time, very productive for the Kusto Agro Grain Storage Company. Our Kozyatyn, Zhmerinka, and Rososha structural units accepted the unprecedented volumes of different croppers, introducing the process of packing into polymer bags. This technology allows accepting and storing grain at high-quality standards even when all the available capacities are already full.

Right now, when farmers are just rallying their wits and starting preparing for a sowing campaign, grain storage companies go on being busy at work. After we have finished accepting grain, we start unloading our grain elevators.

The number one task now is to unpack the grain out of the polymer bags, form batches, dispatch grain by rail and by road, and fulfill export contracts. That is why our grain storage company is busy around the clock, all employees, especially laboratorians, maintain uninterrupted quality control during grain unpacking and dispatching processes.

The machinery and people work in difficult weather conditions, but everyone understands the importance of the task set and the results value. A highly-professional team working at its full potential capacity always remains the key to success, aiming at achieving high results of the entire company’s work and fulfilling its obligations towards its depositors.