This year, the company “Agroline Ukraine” will be 10 years old. During its existence, it has gone from a company with outdated technology to an efficient agricultural firm with a high level of yield.

“Agroline Ukraine” was founded in 2007 in the village Korostki Zhytomyr region on the basis of the former CFF “New Way”. At that time, the land bank of the company totaled 2400 hectares. The fields were processed using the technique inherited from the CFF. Then the company “Agroline” acquired the enterprise “Umanpivo”, but the result of the work the change of the owner was not affected. After that, in 2013, it was bought by the company “Kusto Agro”.

With the new investor, barley, wheat, sunflower, rapeseed, oats and corn were grown. When the “Kusto” group became a full-fledged owner of “Agroline Ukraine”, the company conducted a full audit of its work. The problem with delays in the payment of salaries has been resolved. The audit of a land bank and a technical park consisting of 40 old Soviet machines showed that it would be more rational for an enterprise to replace existing machines with fewer more productive units of equipment. And today, the land, the area of ​​which has increased to 2629 hectares, is serviced only by 10 tractors – modern and efficient.

In addition to updating the technical park, in 2017 Agroline Ukraine will receive a new dairy farm for 600 animals. Today the dairy herd of the company already has 576 heads. They are kept using a tethered cattle breeding system that has not been used for several decades in the EU countries. The management is already negotiating with the world’s producers of equipment for farms – DeLaval and Gea Farming. Modern equipment for milking, a loose-box cattle holding system, a new approach to feeding, all these changes should lead not only to an increase in the productivity of cows, but also to an improvement in the quality of the milk produced. Work on construction has already begun: new buildings are being built on the site of old buildings.

Thanks to the new cattle-breeding complex, 12 new jobs will appear for country-folk. Milking parlor will work around the clock, and it will be serviced by a team of 6 people.

And let the construction of the complex isn’t over yet, but new equipment for mixing feeds is already used at the enterprise. Employees noted its effectiveness: the use of equipment allowed reducing the entire process of distribution of food to 20 minutes.

The opening of the new farm is planned for the end of September.

“Agroline Ukraine” has come a long way and yet managed to become an effective company. And in the future it should become even more productive.