Kusto Agro always keeps up with the times because we understand that it will be difficult to remain competitive on the market if we do not implement innovative technologies. In this article, we will talk about innovations actively used by our farms at the moment.

Field monitoring

Our farms have already implemented photo and video recording using their own drones. This spring, we tested counting the number of sprouts. The results were quite satisfying. Moreover, we plan to purchase two more UAVs in the nearest future.

As we combine UAVs monitoring with the satellite one, we are able to get a more complete picture of what is happening in the fields.

The Cropio system has become a very valuable additional source of data on crops development. The system allows seeing local issues in the fields at once: oversowing, insufficient sowing, crop disease, pests, etc.

When the problem is diagnosed, agronomists go directly to the problem area using the GPS coordinates. They take pictures, describe the problem, and offer a solution to it, compiling an electronic report.

Field history

Since 2014, Kusto Agro Farming has been tracing history for each field. This way, we record crop rotation, yields, and NDVI index. We also store maps of technological operations and their resulting data, such as plants reaction to fertilizers and PPP applied in different quantities and more. The approach allows avoiding negative effects of agrichemicals on crops grown on the same field in the future.

Even today, due to the data collected for several years, our company experts can easily find out the reason for poor crops vegetation in certain areas. If a field has as a bare patch, it is clear right away: an unfavorable factor has occurred this year, or perhaps, the crops germination and vegetation is poorer due to terrain peculiarities (hills, historically waterlogged areas). Any authorized user can use the collected data to analyze and compare it.

Machinery fleet renewal

It is difficult to imagine a successful agribusiness without smart sowing machines and fertilizer distributors, GPS controlled tractors, combine harvesters, and safe cultivators. Advanced machinery allows fast and efficient operations in the field. Consequently, it is impossible to achieve a serious increase in productivity without machinery park renewal or re-equipment.

To get reliable GPS navigation, our farms use a paid RTK signal. John Deere tractors are equipped with receivers manufactured by the same company. All the other machines have the Trimble equipment installed.

Due to modern machinery utilization, our farms have greatly enhanced the efficiency of their technological operations, cultivation in particular.

Kusto Agro Farming has the innovative Einböck Chopstar inter-row cultivator combined with the fertilizer distributor in its machinery fleet. It is equipped with a scanner which ensures automatic shifts even after dark not to damage the plants in a row.

To provide high-quality inter-row cultivation on sunflower and corn fields, our farms also use the Gelio cultivator manufactured by the German Agrokraft Company. It is equipped with the precision steering system Exact which shifts the frame in the desired direction regardless of the tractor hitch. The “machine vision” makes it impossible to cut the row.

At the same time, it eliminates weeds growing close to the row, loosens the soil, and allows our farms to significantly reduce the amount of herbicides to be applied in the fields. Initially, one such machinery unit tilled up to 120 hectares per day. Then, our machine operators improved their skills, and now, they increased their daily cultivation rate up to 150 hectares.

Modern machinery allowed our farms to significantly improve the efficiency of all technological operations.

How to choose machinery to make investments?

There are several aspects that we pay attention to when we choose tractors and hookups. First of all, we consider their prices, manufacturer, the latest systems installed, and machinery servicing. The latter is also very important because when any malfunction occurs, it is necessary to quickly repair the machinery. Any delay may cost too much. If the warehouse with spare parts and service engineers of the dealer company are located far away, it is impossible to get quick repair services. Therefore, It is crucial for us to have the service department in our region.