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One of the strategic directions of long-term development of the Group KUSTO agro is processing of agricultural products with high added value. The criteria for selection and implementation of new projects is to focus on the processing of agricultural products with application of advanced high-tech production methods to meet the growing global demand for food. In addition, the choice of development projects KUSTO agro is considering the future growth of the market capitalization of the Group as a whole due to the implementation of promising projects. For this Cousteau agro has highly qualified managerial personnel with wide experience in project management and attracts professionals from the industry in which it is implemented as a separate project. For financing of promising projects KUSTO agro invests its own resources and the resources of partners (banks and investors).

At the moment the Group KUSTO agro conducts an assessment of the prospects of a number of projects on processing of agricultural products and is ready to consider proposals of potential investors for the implementation of these projects.