At the end of last year, an international food exhibition FHC China 2017 took place in that country. Our company, represented by Kusto Agro Trading CEO Shakir Shamilov, took part in this event as well.

The Export Promotion Office, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized the Ukrainian exhibition mount, supported by Western NIS Enterprise Fund. There were 5 Ukrainian food and beverage companies in all, represented on the event, including Kusto Agro.

Besides opening the mount and working at the exhibition, Shakir Shamilov, being a participant of the Ukrainian official delegation, took part in bilateral meetings and a business forum with Chinese companies.

The Chinese-Ukrainian trade and economic cooperation has deepened in recent years. The rapid growth of Ukrainian foreign sales to China has made this Asian country one of the leaders in importing agricultural products from Ukraine.

Kusto Agro Trading is interested in cooperation with reliable Chinese partners, in bilateral meetings, and a business forum with Chinese companies. That is why the participation in the FHC China 2017 exhibition is an opportunity to show high-quality products and to establish cooperation with China.

Kusto Agro Trading is now operating in the Middle East – in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar – and developing cooperation opportunities in Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. One more direction is the South East Asian market including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. These are also countries to which actual shipment has already been made.