103 employees work at the structural subdivisions of the Kusto Agro Grain Storage LLC on a permanent basis.

The total grain storage capacity of the three Kusto Agro’s structural subdivisions is 90,000 tons:

Kozyatyn structural subdivision – 40,000 tons;

Zhmerynka structural subdivision – 25,000 tons;

Rososha structural subdivision – 25,000 tons.

Technological features

Due to high-performance drying equipment, the structural subdivisions, run by Kusto Agro Grain Storage Company, are able to accept up to 2,500 tons of grain on a daily basis. The total shipment capacity is up to 1,000 ton. In addition, the Zhmerynka structural unit is equipped with container loading facilities, providing the company with a significant advantage over its competitors.

In these recent years, our grain storage facilities have been working around the clock and during almost all seasons because grain is available in large volumes. Consequently, all structural subdivisions work in a three-shift operation mode.

Grain storage facilities’ operational peculiarity is in their year-round continuous work. After agrarians have already gathered the harvest and the growing season is over for them, the work continues at grain storage facilities. They have to ensure high-quality storage for the accepted grain and ship it in compliance with the export contracts quality indicators. The is only one gap in the calendar to prepare for the new season, and that is June when our storage facilities monitor their technical conditions and, consequently, carry out regular repairs to ensure a high level of operational activity in the new season.

Due to its positive reputation in the storage services market, the Kusto Agro Grain Storage LLC annually exceeds its planned capabilities for accepting grain and manages to make up to three complete rounds. In the current year, as early as in May, all storage tanks were fully contracted for early and late grain groups by large regional agricultural holdings and farms. As of this moment, each structural unit has already performed one round and carries out early grain group shipment round the clock. At the same time, storage facilities are preparing to accept sunflower, soybeans, and corn.


Grain storage business is actually grain processing services provided to farmers. Therefore, to qualitatively satisfy their needs for such services, storage facilities have to be always improved through modernization in the first place. In the current year, Kusto Agro’s structural subdivisions are equipped with new Infratec grain quality analyzers which will allow improving laboratory operation quality and reducing the time for grain acceptance. The laboratory equipment modernization of this kind is only an initial stage of the program aimed at complete storage facilities automation. The next step is the complete process automation starting from the vehicle arrival at the territory and finishing with grain loading into railroad cars. The automation of all processes makes it possible to avoid the risk of human error in the production, minimize production costs, and provide high-quality services.


Our three structural units – Kozyatin, Zhmerynka, and Rososha – fully meet the grain storage needs at the Kusto Agro group of companies. The Kusto Agro Group is actively working on increasing the land bank, and consequently, the storage capacity will be increased as well.

Grain storage facilities maintain grain records in compliance with Instruction 661 and the accounting policy of the company.

The Kusto Agro Grain Storage Company’s structural subdivisions are high-tech storage facilities equipped with high-quality foreign-manufactured equipment. Grain storage conditions are controlled during the full cycle, starting from grain acceptance and finishing with shipment procedures. The storage laboratory and operational managers carry out quality control on a regular basis. In addition, the modern thermometry system allows an online control of the stored grain condition.

The Kusto Agro Grain Storage Company’s structural units accept grain provided by the Kusto Agro Group of Companies, as well as products belonging to third-party depositors, in the ratio of 25% to 75% of own grain and the third-party grain respectively.

The Kusto Agro Grain Storage Company highly values ​​its customers, who, when taking into account long-term relationships, are our partners. They include large agricultural holdings and small farms.

If global problems of the entire agro-industrial sector of Ukraine are not taken into account, our grain storage facilities face problems connected with usual daily operational issues present at any storage facility. In particular, this year’s early grain group peculiarity is the wheat quality deterioration due to harsh weather conditions. However, our high-caliber team is capable of solving any operational problems at the facility. Our specialists have extensive experience and wide expertise.


If a company wants to feel competitive in the market, it has to constantly improve its business processes and operational activities and be able to adapt to constantly changing conditions. That is why, in addition to the operational processes automation program, the Kusto Agro Grain Storage Company is constantly working to improve all of its business processes and develop its business strategy. In particular, our company plans to develop into a business that generates the high added value of the product. This means that apart from the grain raw material storage and shipping, we are targeting the business of the agricultural products processing and ready-made merchandise for foreign sales.

The Kusto Agro Grain Storage Company is a foreign-invested business. Therefore, our shareholders care about their company’s reputation, invest in a business team, in their training, and in the company development and equipment.