For the third year Kusto’s Agrarian School has been training specialists. During this time, our training program has proven its relevance and effectiveness.

“Kusto’s Agrarian School” – training of professionals for the agricultural sector

“Kusto Agro” for training specialists uses complex corporate training programs that combine the latest agrarian and management technologies with the experience of leading specialists and company managers. This approach allows graduates of the Agrarian School to develop their professional and personal skills. They build successful career, become mentors for young people.

Due to the correctly chosen personnel training strategy, the company develops both young specialists and a system of internal mentoring. Exchange of experience, consideration of problem situations, open and productive communication form a high corporate culture, and most importantly – a real team that is ready to solve serious business problems.

In the spring, the Kusto’s Agrarian School hosted 25 participants, including agronomical and dispatching specialists, leading specialists of Kusto Agro Pharming. All of them successfully completed a one-week course.

Focus on agronomy

In 2017, the focus was on agronomy. It was to this discipline that much of the work was devoted. Among the main issues under consideration are the priority tasks of agronomists, novelties of agrarian technologies, the organization of field work, and much more. The training was conducted on the territory of the country holiday complex “Gostevia”.

The lecturers were: Chief Agronomist Vladimir Smirnov, Deputy Chief Agronomist Nikolai FLAKO, Agronomist for Protection Alexander Khoptyaniy, representatives of the world’s leading companies: Monsanto, DuPont, Pioneer, BTU-Center, Syngenta, LEMKE, Green Express, Prograin, KWS.

In addition to agronomy, attention was also paid to the communication of specialists and production staff in crop production, the development of the managerial potential of young specialists. Here the experienced Vinnitsa trainer Anna Kuleshova worked with the listeners.

Course on modern technologies

As part of the training program, participants analyzed the 2016 season: achievements, used and missed opportunities. Our experts in crop production provided practical advice to colleagues, answered numerous questions, shared their own experiences. Participants actively discussed specific production situations and jointly sought effective ways to solve them. Teachers created an atmosphere that facilitated cooperation and helped to understand common goals and objectives.

“This course provides an opportunity to join the modern trends of agronomy and management. Both the experience of the past seasons, and new knowledge and practices help me to work qualitatively and receive high yields,” Roman Matviyishin, agronomist of Spika LLC, recalls about training in the agro school.

“Every year, the agrarian school helps to enter a qualitatively new professional level, develop comprehensively, and strive for new achievements,” says Maxim Klipka, dispatch manager of Kusto Agro Pharming.

Handing diplomas, the principal agronomist of the “Kusto Agro Pharming” Vladimir Smirnov addressed the audience: “There are talented, energetic young people who are happy to work and study, open to everything modern and progressive. With new knowledge and practical skills, the friendly team of “Kusto Agro” is ready to start the season of field work. I wish us productive and well-coordinated work, generous harvests and high profits.”

Thanks to the organizers and participants of the Kusto’s Agrarian School for their active work! New achievements in 2017!