On June 30, the executives of agricultural enterprises from Lyubarsky district, Zhytomyr region, gathered on the rape demo field of our company “Agroline-Ukraine”. There was celebrated the “Field day”, which was organized together with the leading manufacturer of rape seeds Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht and the company specializing in plant protection products “Adama Ukraine”.

We have all preconditions for a good rapeseed yield

The company Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht, along with agricultural enterprises, sowed demo fields with rape in several Ukrainian regions; in particular, 3 demo fields were sowed in Zhytomyr region. Our “Agroline-Ukraine” has the best results among all the contestants of the project. The company’s director Petro Kvashuk highlights that rapeseed crops are in good shape but he does not rush to make forecasts: “We’ll talk about our progress when rapeseed will be in the barn; but we have all preconditions for a good yield”.
“Field day” is an event that consists of two stages. The first stage is a theoretical part: experts prepared reports about the peculiarities of different types of rapeseed and nuances of the plant protection products usage. The audience included the executives of the main district’s agricultural enterprises and people with practical experience, so the event was conducted in the form of a dialogue and, sometimes, discussions.

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Excellent work of the agronomic service

After the end of the event’s theoretical part, the participants headed straight for the demo field of “Agroline Ukraine”.

“In total, 756 ha are sowed with rapeseed, and our demonstration field has an area of 26 ha. Apart from the Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht hybrids, the field is also sowed with rapeseed cultures from 4 producers”, Petro Kvashuk started the practical part of the event.


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Professionals and participants of the event noted that rapeseed was certainly in good shape, though in March frosts were observed in Lyubarsky district.

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“We reached such a result thanks to the coherent work of the company’s agronomic service. Despite unfavorable weather conditions, rapeseed is looking good. Timely application of extra fertilizer secured conditions for rapeseed recovery after frosts”, Petro Kvashuk mentioned.

Prospects of further cooperation

Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht and Adama representatives concentrated on the peculiarities of rapeseed growing, the optimal usage of plant protection products and specific aspects of different hybrids.


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The “Agroline-Ukraine” demo field was planted with 5 hybrids from the company Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht: “Sherpa”, “Mercedes”, “Rohan”, “Visby”, and “Shrek”. After comparing with the hybrids from the other companies, which were grown in our demo field, experts came to conclusion that rapeseed from Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht had better growth performance.


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At the close of the event the representatives highlighted their satisfaction with the cooperation with “Agroline-Ukraine” and noted that the work at the enterprise was built up at high level, which resulted in good rapeseed growth performance. They also expressed their hope that the executives of “Agroline-Ukraine” were satisfied with the hybrids’ quality and the cooperation would be continued.