To secure the proper development of a modern company, it is necessary to have a management policy that meets the requirements of the present. In such conditions, one of the best technologies is project management: its efficiency is proved by the world practice. Virtually, this is a new philosophy of management – the management of foreseen, rational, and progressive.

The main peculiarity of project management is its orientation towards a goal and a thorough preparation of the means to reach this purpose. The idea of starting or developing a business is not a dream anymore, it transforms into a list of concrete tasks, an accurate deadline schedule, and a budgeting. The team of the project executives knows what, when and how to do, whom to address in case of need to solve a question, and which risks you may face. As a result, there are new productions, technologies, and social projects; everything is on time and of a high quality!

Within 2016-2017, leading “Kusto Agro” experts studied a theory and practical aspects of project management together with coaches of top-ranked companies HBPI Consulting, SMART Consulting, and the educational center Microsoft “Network Technologies”.

We studied how to run the gamut from the formation of a business idea to its realization, to estimate the efficiency of reached results, analyze errors and gains, control money expenditure, and timely perform production tasks.

Not only do we study today but we actively put project management in place. “Kusto Agro” team is getting stronger, new leaders are growing, and new ideas are being generated. We use time, money, knowledge, and opportunities more effectively. We communicate more meaningfully and interact as the one well-oiled machine.

The project on the development and implementation of the system of product quality control and the processes on the basis of international standards ISO 9001:2015 is winding down. We have a new separate project office where the work on the project of the construction of the modern commercial dairy complex is actively taking place.

“By implementing project management into life, we reach higher heights in business and enhance our company’s social responsibility. Ukraine has a lot of opportunities to develop production and trade, create new workplaces, and break into new markets”, notes Nurlan Nurzhanov, the “Kusto Agro” Deputy Director General for Development.

New “Kusto Agro” projects are the new better future!

Natalia Korotun, the acting head of the Department of Personnel and Administration