Servisagroteh is an important Kusto Agro structural unit located in Baikivka, Vinnytsia region. This enterprise houses and services the company’s machinery park. In our article, Yuriy Vasylchuk, Servisagroteh head of the service department, talks about the company’s operation peculiarities.

– What is within Servisagroteh’s scope of activity?

– Our enterprise focuses its activity on providing agricultural machinery and technical support to all other units having land banks in their possession. To carry out this objective, we have not only a fleet of machinery at our disposal but also all the staff servicing it: engineers, machinery operators, and drivers. We also have a department purchasing spare parts.

– How long have you been managing the enterprise?

– It’ll have been three years in September since I work for this company. However, the company was established more than five years ago.

– How much has Servisagroteh developed over these three years?

– We have experienced very serious changes over the last three years. When I joined the company, there were some alternations in the Kusto Farming management as well. Significant investments have been made in machinery acquisition. The cultivation technique has been improved and the appropriate equipment has been purchased. All these changes have led to a significant machinery park expansion.

Three years ago, the company had only three Case IH tractors and one old John Deere. Today, Servisagroteh has eight tractors with a capacity of 240 to 370 hp at its disposal. We also purchased new Pottinger and John Deere seed drills and modernized old Kenzi ones, installing Precision Planting Systems on them.

Each year, we reequip our machinery to be able to implement precise farming practices. We’re striving to introduce modern technologies to increase the efficiency of our agricultural activities. But we also take the ecological aspect into account.

– What machinery have you got at Servisagroteh?

– We have John Deere and Case IH machinery. The companies are leading manufacturers providing machinery servicing and repairs in their modern centers operating in our region. However, each machinery brand has its pros and cons. For instance, John Deere sells their products at a bit higher price, but in my opinion, their machinery is more reliable with no serious malfunctions while working. It’s very important when tilling lands. In addition, it requires fewer maintenance costs. Speaking of Case IH machinery, I can say that spare parts for it are cheaper, but failures occur more often. That is why we plan to focus on John Deere in the future.

As of today, we utilize five John Deere tractors with a capacity of 240 to 370 hp. and three Case IH tractors – 290 to 340 hp. Besides, we also have four Case IH combine harvesters and two Case IH 3330 self-propelled sprayers.

– How many staff members ensure the company’s operation?

– Our engineering staff includes the chief engineer, the head of the service department and 5 engineers. There are about 45 to 50 tractor drivers and machine operators. Their number may vary depending on the workload. This is all the staff we need to have the work done on the entire territory being cultivated.

– Kusto Agro fields are located in three areas. How does your enterprise cope with this?

– We have our own vehicles for machinery transportation – these are three low bed trucks. So, we ourselves can transport tractors or combine harvesters to their destination in the shortest time possible.

– Kusto Agro has six enterprises engaged in farming. How do you manage to provide machinery to all of them simultaneously, ensuring their smooth operation?

– Our algorithm is simple. An agronomist requests machinery, specifying the terms, during which certain units of machinery will be required. These terms are approximate. They are not 100% precise as some meteorological factors may interfere.

We draw up a preliminary agricultural labor plan for the whole year along with the agronomic service, taking into account the machinery park we possess. In that plan, we mark where and what machinery will operate together with a particular hookup.

We make terms more specific, depending on meteorological conditions. As the works are carried out, agronomists request certain services. We provide them if the weather allows it. So, we know that the machinery will be working on one or another farm in a particular period of time, and the agronomists specify a certain amount of time.

– We have informed earlier that Servisagroteh organizes training for John Deere and Pottinger machinery. What other educational activities have you scheduled?

– We’ve already made an agreement with one of Case IH dealers to provide training for us. First, it will be training for tractor drivers and sprayer operators. And closer to the harvest season, we will send our combine harvester operators to undergo training as well.

In addition to the machinery mentioned above, we also have precision seed drills. We upgraded Kinze, installing modern Precision Planting equipment. Now, all the innovative technologies are implemented in it: seed control, seed spacing and information transfer to the office. We also plan to train machine drivers to deepen their knowledge and to get acquainted with advanced Precision Planting technologies. However, this spring is late, so we have to do everything in a rather short period of time. If we meet the timeline, we will conduct this training as well. Last year, we carried out the training like this, so we will hopefully manage to do it this year.