Our main objective is to build a socially responsible business. Therefore, for Kusto Agro, it is important not only to develop the company but also to improve the social sphere. We are sure that a healthy society will conduct a healthy business.

The dairy farm will sustain 1,200 cows

The construction of the livestock breeding complex fully coincides with our main objective, as it is not only a commercial but also a social project.

Velce is a dairy cattle breeding farm. It is located in the village of Lipno in the Lyubar district of the Zhytomyr region. The farm will be able to sustain 1,200 cattle animals. This project will allow creating about 50 jobs. At the same time, the farm will be automated, and mechanisms will carry out all the hard work.

We will perform the construction in two stages

Kusto Agro plans to complete the first stage in July next year. As of today, we have already erected 3 buildings.

That includes a building to sustain 600 milk cows, a milking facility with a milk-cooling system for operative storage, and a building to keep dry pregnant cows and bred heifers, which also has sections for maternity and quarantine management.

The milking facility is complete with the equipment manufactured by the world’s leading DeLaval Company. In addition, the milking shed consists of two parallel stalls for 20 animals.

We will complete the construction in 2021

The company plans to breed Holstein cows on the farm. This breed is one of the most popular in the world. We can explain the popularity of this breed very simply – it posts record gains in milk yields and is distinct in very good beef-making qualities.

Until the end of 2019, we will come to the planned milk yield index.

At the second stage of construction, we will erect another building for milk cows. It is also designed to sustain 600 animals.

The company plans to complete the construction in November 2020 and reach the planed milk yield index no later than in April 2021.