We have recently informed you about our first harvest of organic strawberries. Now, we have decided to tell you why we actually started practicing organic farming.

Organic farming is a socially important project

Organic production does not generate profit at once. Moreover, the risks of growing such crops are somewhat higher. That is why it would be easier to be engaged in growing traditional crops. However, organic products presume a cautious attitude toward land and environment. Traditional agriculture resorts to nitrates and agrichemicals to protect plants. On the contrary, organic farming uses exclusively “clean” methods not to do harm to the environment and allow reaping the harvest that brings benefits to consumers.

Furthermore, this kind of agriculture does not bring immediate self-sufficiency. So, when an agribusiness is engaged in such production, it means that the company intends to stay in this business for a long time. Besides, the main goal of this activity is not to receive profit using any means possible and exhausting resources, but just the other way round – to preserve and increase the soil fertility.

The healthy lifestyle is gaining more and more popularity in Ukraine and throughout the world

The importance of beneficial food products will grow. That is why organic farming will be profitable over the longer term. Ukrainians consume very little organic food nowadays, spending an average of 0.4 Euros a year on it. It is 90 times less than the average figure in Europe. To reach the level of organic products consumption observable in Slovenia or Croatia where it ranges from 23 to 31 Euro per person, more than a dozen years will pass. The growth of organic farming amount is able to rapidly improve these indicators.

The Ukrainian organic production market grows by 3 million Euros each year

In 2016, the organic produce market amounted to 21-22 million Euros, and in 2017, it already equaled 25 million Euros. Ukraine takes the 20th place in the world by the field area allocated for organic production even though only 1% of the country’s agricultural lands are used to practice it. Most of these areas are involved in grain and oil-bearing “green” crops cultivation.

By 2020, Ukraine will have entered the TOP-5 list of the world farm produce exporters

Nowadays, Ukraine takes the 11th place in Europe in agricultural production. However, taking into account the global trends and the international agribusiness interests, agricultural production is expected to grow in Ukraine. Increasingly closer interconnections with the EU are an important factor as well. Consequently, experts predict that Ukraine will be among the world leaders in the agricultural products export in a few years.

Organic production has a significant demand abroad

The demand for organic products is increasing in Europe, but land areas allocated for its cultivation have already reached their maximum. At the same time, Ukraine has large reserves and is able to cope with this demand. In addition, there are several export directions for Ukrainian organic products: the first one is cereals, legumes, and oil crops and the second one is berries and fruits. These are promising trends, and therefore, the Kusto Agro Company is developing them.