We have already informed about launching our Good Fields platform. Today, we will tell you more about crowdfunding in general and our project in particular.

Crowdfunding is a new milestone in investing for Ukrainians. In Europe and the USA, this area is successfully developing, but in our country, it is not so widespread so far. Kusto Agro has decided to change things and launched a unique project called Good Fields.

Crowdfunding is massive fundraising helping to implement a specific project, often via the Internet. Many startups, creative, and charity projects started from these venues.

How does crowdfunding work?

There are two parties: the donor making investments and the recipient the one who receives money.

The recipient tells the potential investors about their project, using an open platform — an internet website with a fundraising mechanism. The recipient announces funds amount to be raised and the period during which it has to be done.

The user can see data about the amount of money raised, how much money it has left to raise, and how the project will proceed.

Crowdfunding embodies a business philosophy which can be described by the slogan “let us do it together”. This model provides an advantage of building a community promoting, advertising, and spreading information on the project.

Good Fields — Kusto Agro’s crowdfunding platform

“We are a socially responsible company. Throughout all our activity period, we contribute to the development of villages and communities. While working, we encountered the problem of people’s indifference to social initiatives.

Having studied the international experience, we realized we should involve other companies and just ordinary people in social projects. If people invest their own money in the village development, they will keep a watchful eye that the work done is preserved and appreciated. It is a unique project for Ukraine. We are going to patent this approach,” said Oksana Talyanchuk, Kusto Agro’s social policy director.

Kusto Agro’s crowdfunding project has a target audience. They are villagers, government agencies, businessmen, philanthropists, charity providers, as well as the population representatives willing to help improve the countryside conditions. Anyone can launch their own initiative on the Good Field platform. Kusto Agro will assist in spreading information and support the project.

This is a unique project for Ukraine, the ideological inspirer and one of the main developers of which was Alisher Tyazhin, the first deputy director of LLC “Kusto Agro”.

Sports grounds construction is an early sign

The first project to which anyone who cares can join in is the construction of two sports grounds. One will be located in the village of Vilkhovets, Khmelnytsk region. The other one is in Lishchyn, Zhytomyr region. Kusto Agro contributed half of the necessary funds for these projects, while the rest part will be raised, using the Good Field platform.

“We are interested to entice all indifferent people into this matter, not just villagers but also philanthropists, people’s deputies, public officials, successful citizens of these villages — everyone who is interested in helping the village,” Oksana Talyanchuk remarks.

Publicity is the main condition of such a project

Kusto Agro is a transparent company. It informs about all its activities on its website and on social networks. Currently, the number of Facebook subscribers exceeds 3,000 accounts. If each of them sends as little as 10 UAH, it will already be a significant contribution to solving this important issue.

“All those people involved in funding project initiatives on the Good Field platform will be invited to opening ceremonies. We will also mention philanthropists’ names on social media and our website if they don’t object. We’ll also consider installing nameplates with acknowledgments. And for those who have made the most significant contribution, there will be additional commemorative prizes.

We guarantee transparency and good timing. All people will be invited to opening ceremonies. Everyone will be able to check where and how the money was spent,” concluded Oksana Talyanchuk.