The rapid development of new technologies urges Kusto Agro professionals to constantly gain new skills in using innovations. To learn about the agricultural market trends in more detail, the company representatives attended several seminars to take some training.

AGH Forum — Syngenta

One of the seminars was held in Zakopane, Poland. Here, the leading Kusto Agro specialists could learn about new hybrids of sunflower and Syngenta corn in more detail, discuss the existing problems in crop production, and even more: examine the new PPP products to be used on the farm.

The participants also discussed the economic situation regarding plant product sales and sale time determination. They also discussed issues and setbacks affecting business profitability.

Lubricating oils of Fuks Mastyla Ukraine LLC

Any agricultural machinery, regardless of its operation age, requires high-quality lubricants. To evaluate new lubricants, Kusto Agro engineers attended a technical seminar conducted by Fuks Mastyla Ukraine. As part of the training, the company representatives examined new samples of lubricant oils, learned about application methods, oil replacement frequency, etc.

Precision Planting System

Kusto Agro has used Precision Planting seeders before. However, to train engineers to use additional technical equipment and learn how to set up the machinery the right way, a special training session was conducted.

During the seminar, Kusto Agro specialists both improved their skills in operating Precision Planting seeders and explored new possibilities for efficient liquid fertilizer application during a sowing campaign.