Last week, Kusto Agro representatives — IT Director Volodymyr Zahorodniy and Chief Dispatcher Serhiy Dzhumka — visited the AGROIT Forum. The participants of the event spoke about the trends and technologies for the agricultural sector, which they had managed to take over from IT companies.

The AGROIT Forum 2019 is the fourth annual forum about innovations in agriculture where IT companies exhibit their solutions. Agrarians also took part in it to know more about the latest technologies and speak about their experience in implementing IT solutions in agribusiness.

“This exhibition is extremely useful because most speakers represent companies that share their experience in implementing digital technology in farm production and talk about the best solutions for the agricultural industry.

At the AGROIT Forum, we saw innovative systems designed to control machinery and, most importantly, to monitor harvesting processes. In particular, we got acquainted with farmers who already have their own IT systems for harvesting,” says Serhiy Dzhumka.

The forum participants outlined three main areas, which Kusto Agro management strives to implement at their company, namely the technologies for report preparation, harvesting, and precision farming.

Currently, Kusto Agro is efficiently implementing precision farming and doing it on par with industry leaders or even better. Kusto Agro employees often visit such events as it is a chance to learn some new ideas and implement them on the farms.