Over the past three years, our company has purchased a significant number of new machinery – 5 John Deere and 2 MTZ-82 tractors, four plows, two grain seed drills, two harrows for moisture closure, a 16-row seed drill, a John Deere 1745 seed drill, four loaders, two cars, a machinery transportation trawl, two cultivators, a self-propelled fertilizer spreader, and an Amazon 8200 fertilizer spreader.

Satellite and drone monitoring

Our company uses the latest precision farming technologies. All Kusto Agro farms use the Cropio satellite monitoring system and drone monitoring to keep a check on crops. This practice allows detecting problem areas on the field in a timely manner and taking the necessary measures aimed at their elimination. After video recording, all the video footage is added to the Cropio software and can be used to analyze and compare data.

Soil agrochemical analysis

We are trying to achieve a balance between productivity and environmental preservation.

The company takes soil samples from all its fields, and the Agrilab Company performs an agro-chemical analysis. Knowing the soil composition, we apply the optimal amount of essential minor elements. This approach allows achieving maximum yield levels and minimizing soil-bearing load.

Production processes automation

Our company’s dispatcher service carries out continuous monitoring of production processes in the fields, using GPS navigation. As of this year, the automation of fuel delivery at all company farms was performed, sowing quality monitoring was carried out, using the Prestigio planting system which allowed observing crop sowing rates and uniformity. In addition, grain level sensors were installed in the combine harvester hopper, and a cultivator immersion depth sensor was used for tilling.

All these innovations allow us to reach a whole new level in agribusiness and improve existing crop yield and savings rates.