Valeriy Melnyk, the Tereshchenko Agrarian Fund director, speaks of the autumn work results.

Tereshchenko Agrarian Fund has conducted a harvesting campaign as part of Kusto Agro for the first time. The farm cultivates fields in the Zhytomyr region in the villages of Troshcha, Burkivtsi, Ivanopil, Medvedykha, Mala Volytsya, Dubrivka, and Haliyivka. The land bank equals 7.5 thousand hectares of sandy and black earth soils where the farm grows corn, sunflower, rapeseed, winter wheat, and barley.

Kusto Agro investments in machinery

This year, due to Kusto Agro investments, the farm could introduce significant changes in agricultural production: it has increased the machinery fleet and changed cultivation and growing technologies. Kusto Agro helps the farm to improve our technological operations. From now on, agrarians use hookups, such as harrows and cultivators, with 12 to 18 m working width. 

Besides, the company has purchased new John Deere tractors and a new self-propelled sprayer. We have also changed the cultivation technology: from surface tillage to plowing and deep cultivation, applying the required amount of mineral fertilizers and PPP.

Harvesting season results 

As a result, Tereshchenko Agrarian Fund received good yields of winter rapeseed, winter wheat, sunflower, and corn. The latter showed the highest result when compared with previous years. Speaking in numbers, winter wheat yielded 69.8, rapeseed — 31.5, barley — 72.7, sunflower — 35.2, and corn — 105.1 hundred kilograms per hectare.

Despite the adverse weather conditions and other factors influencing sowing and harvesting campaigns, no machinery interruptions during technical operations occurred. New tillage technologies helped us plow down plant residues, and deep cultivation methods allowed us to achieve better soil loosening.

How were the works ensured?

We involved five tractors in the fieldwork: three with plows and two with hookups for deep soil loosening. This fleet also included three combine harvesters and three tractors with load-transfer devices. Tereshchenko Agrarian Fund has already sown winter rape, wheat, and corn on its fields.

Many a day, our managers are working in the fields to monitor operations conducted by our machine servicers and combine operators, as well as control all the processes related to the harvesting campaign.

The company has purchased printers as well. Before, we had to handle all the necessary papers manually while the automation of these processes accelerated and simplified machinery dismissal after loading.

Taking care of country people

Tereshchenko Agrarian Fund takes care of our landowners’ welfare. We initiated measures to upgraded medical equipment at Burkivtsi FMS, assisted in the temple reconstruction works in Ivanopil, and presented children from large families with two vacation packages to the Korchaginets Sports and Recreation Camp.

Our agribusiness also helped with organizing a Village Day holiday. Veterans and WWII participants received financial support from us. We have also purchased a TV set and prepared delicious New Year presents for kids in Haliyivka kindergarten.