We have been constructing our new dairy farm for more than four months. Here is a talk with Oleksiy Pohorolyuk, the director of Velce LLC, about the news and plans concerning the farm.

The number of cows on the farm will grow four times

We have already written about the Velce dairy farm located in the village of Lypne, Lyubar district of Zhytomyr region.

While the new livestock complex is being constructed, the old building sustains 300 cows. Having completed the project, the number of animals will increase to 1,200.

60 employees will service the farm

“The local residents are happy to have the farm constructed because this is a social project in the first place. We’ve created jobs for 60 people from Lypne and the neighboring villages,” says Oleksiy Pohorolyuk.

For the time being, these workers are servicing the old farm building, but as soon as the first construction stage of the new one is completed, they will go to work there.

The new farm will be four times bigger, but the same number of employees will service it. Why is it so? The fact is that the farm will be automated, and the machinery will perform all physically hard work on the farm.

“We’ve purchased modern machinery for the farm like milking equipment from the DeLaval Company, the world’s leading manufacturer, and stall equipment of the Ukrainian production,” — Olexiy Pohorolyuk.

We plan to produce up to 30 tons of milk daily

“We have plans to keep Holstein breed of cows. This is one of the most popular breeds in the world. It is considered to be a good beef breed and have very good indicators in milk production,” marks the company director.

In the future, when milk production grows, Kusto Agro plans to launch milk processing. For now, there are no problems with product marketing and sales.

As we have told, three buildings have already been built: a facility to sustain 600 dairy cows, a dairy milking block with a milk cooling system to store milk on an operational basis, as well as a building with the maternity and quarantine sections to temporarily sustain dry cows and heifers.

“In September, we have plans to complete the first construction stage and start work in the new building. Upon the project completion, we expect milk production with the indicators of up to 30 tons per day,” sums up Oleksiy Pohorolyuk.