We have recently told you about a new agribusiness, Tereshchenko Agricultural Fund LLC, which joined the Kusto Agro Company. However, this is not the only newcomer. Today, we will tell you about another new branch strengthening our team — Lishchynske Farm LLC.

This farm is based in the village of Lishchyn, Zhytomyr region. Its total land bank area is 4,800 hectares. The fields are located in the Stashynivsk ATC, particularly in the villages of Lishchyn, Tarasivka, and Pisky. There are also fields belonging to the Sniguriv and Myrolyubiv village councils.

The agribusiness grows spring and winter barley, wheat, winter rape, soy, corn, sunflower, and buckwheat.

Oleh Mazur heads Lishchynske Farm LLC. He is the company’s CEO.

“In 2019, we plan to grow winter wheat on 958 hectares, winter barley on 338 hectares, sunflower on 1268 hectares, corn on 1528 hectares, and winter rape on 640 hectares of land,” Oleh Mazur shares the company’s plans for the season.

After joining Kusto Agro, the company staff stays the same. As of today, 60 people are employed here. Previously, surveying engineers were responsible for communications with shareholders, but in the future, social workers will handle these issues.

“Kusto Agro is a company which keeps abreast of the times, implementing the precision farming technology and purchasing modern machinery. That is why, in the nearest future, we expect to improve our work efficiency and achieve the increased profitability,” emphasizes Oleh Mazur.

The company will continue to cooperate with its shareholders in accordance with its previous commitments. The perks and privileges will remain at the previous level as well. There is no need to renew contracts either. The rental fees will be paid at the level not lower than the ones of the previous year.

The Kusto Agro management plans to hold meetings and get acquainted with the shareholders. The company will announce about this arrangement shortly. In case you have any questions, you can call the Kusto Agro’s hotline at (080) 021-52-15.