What is the company like at present, what challenges did it have to face in 2018, and what are its plans for the future? Alisher Tyazhyn, one of the company’s leaders, a young and creative Kusto Agro’s Deputy CEO answered these and other questions just before the New Year.

The Kusto Agro Company has been working for 5 years on the territory of Ukraine. During this time, the company’s team has repeatedly proven its high professionalism and working capability. The projects implemented by the company are a vivid example of investment in the future. The company takes good care of the land on which it farms, using new land cultivation methods and crop cultivation techniques. The company pays heed to their shareholders, helps social institutions, is actively involved in constructing churches, provides individual assistance to people, etc. In a word, with their daily work, Kusto Agro proves: the company came to work efficiently and for a long time.

The company’s wise and experienced management has been able to create a team spirit among its employees. Therefore, the team solves all problems together and shares the holidays as well. The management constantly takes care of the employees’ professional level improvement. As a result: Kusto wins various competitions and takes part in multiple forums and conferences. The company’s management has a priority to obtain innovative technologies as soon as possible and unsparingly introduces novelties into production whatever the cost. In particular, the farm machinery park is growing and improving every subsequent year. The electronic documentation system has been implemented as well. From now on, if someone wants to get acquainted with any document, there is no need to sit in the office. It could be done in the field, on the way, or even at home – all you have to do is to have a computer or a smartphone at hand.

– Mr. Tyazhyn, please tell our readers about yourself.

– I was born in the beautiful big city of Almaty in an intelligent family. My mother was a financier, a Lenin scholarship holder, and my father has been engaged in private business until today. As you know, residents of large cities differ from others in their frantic pace of life, their ability to instantly respond to challenge and solve problems.

I’ve always wanted to work as soon as possible, and I am convinced that a person gets the main knowledge while practicing. That is why, when I was the 11th grader, by the way, I studied at a school with advanced English learning, I simultaneously graduated from the Lyceum of Turan University. That allowed me to pass the 1st-year university syllabus as an external student and become a sophomore of the same university right after school. So, in 2002, I continued my education at the Business and Management Department and graduated from it in 2004.

I dreamed to work in the banking sector and considered this work prestigious. Consequently, right after graduation, I worked in Kazakh and foreign banks. However, I soon realized: the work in the bank is monotonous and doesn’t allow personal development. So, I switched to the oil business and was engaged in finance, being a financial director. Then, due to some objective reasons, I had to quit after 5 years.

I got to agriculture by chance. I’ve never thought I would live and work in Ukraine. However, life is so unpredictable, and you never know what is in store for you.

It’s been already my 4th year at Kusto Agro. Actually, agriculture is a very interesting area of ​​work. This is a truly God sphere because you constantly depend on the weather which the Almighty sends to the Earth. Agrarian business faces multiple problems to be solved on a regular basis, but it also wants each worker to invest the soul in every single patch of the land. Besides, agriculture is a striking business example where risk and opportunity combine.

– What is the main thing for you in your work as a manager? Who inspires your ideas?

– First of all, I want to thank our CEO Daulet Nurzhanov who puts a lot of efforts into Kusto Agro development. He is the person that inspires a lot of my ideas suitable for the company development. His approach to problem-solving and his philosophy of interaction with people are impressive. You’ll always have something new to learn.

Thanks to CEO Daulet Nurzhanov’s coherent and wise leadership, each person in our team has the opportunity to unlock their potential, as well as reveal their skills and abilities. Trust prevails in the company, helping to create its team spirit. After all, it’s difficult for one person alone to achieve much success, though sometimes, the team has a hard time solving particular issues as well.

As in any family, we still have some contradictions because it’s unlikely to have everything perfect. Life is life, and we constantly strive to change it and make it better. Trust is the main factor which guides me in my work. When you trust a person, everything else fades into insignificance.

– 2018 is coming to an end. What was it like for the company? What projects have you managed to implement?

– This year has brought the company a new experience. It turned out to be difficult for farmers due to adverse weather conditions. We haven’t reaped a wheat harvest. As in previous years, in 2018, we accepted the challenge and boldly engaged in the battle. Moreover, we are ready to fight again and again for good results in the company and for its prosperity. We have devised a large-scale development strategy. I’ll say it again, this year, both calendar and marketing, turned out to be difficult, but this is exactly the case when you get pleasure from hard daily work. As a result, we did a good job, and we are satisfied with the results.

Now, we are engaged in new projects implementation. We are focused on the technological direction. Consequently, our IT department and dispatcher service have become the driving force in this case. They are the movers of these changes. I haven’t introduced anything new. We just used the experience and practical skills, which we have, in the right direction, maximally involving the latest technology.

– Is it difficult to do business in Ukraine? What difficulties did you encounter when you started your work?

– Doing business is never easy. And doing business in Ukraine is no different from doing business in other countries. When I came here, it was more the psychological barrier which I had to overcome first of all. Well, I was far from home and family. This fact didn’t affect my work, though. On the contrary, I paid more attention to the company, and when I felt lonely, I found salvation in my work as well.

– What are your plans for 2019?

– I plan to further develop and become successful. But I will tell you about everything later.

– Do you like New Year holidays? Where do you usually spend them?

– I really love New Year holidays. Though, I must confess that they no longer seem as fabulous and romantic as in childhood over time. However, the New Year holidays with presents under the tree will live in my memory forever. I remember when my mom put the electronic watch under the New Year tree. When I found it, I was so happy I couldn’t sleep for half the night. These days, my family and children expect this kind of miracle from me. Although, I sometimes want to get back to childhood, to believe in a fairy tale, celebrate New Year holidays with my family, not to worry about a thing, but just enjoy the moment. Well, the holidays always come to an end, and we start overcoming current difficulties and problems.

– What would you like to wish your colleagues in the New Year?

– I want to wish the people in our company to always remain a team. Let’s believe in our own strength, for only together we can achieve success. However, most importantly, I wish everyone peace in the New Year. We live in difficult times with you. Ukraine, like Kazakhstan, has to surmount a difficult path to independence. Unfortunately, this path is a bloody one. Kazakhstanis will never forget how young Kazakhs died in 1986 for opposing the totalitarian Moscow regime. The same way as Ukrainian young people, who defended independence, their honor, and dignity on Maidan, were severely beaten. We must remember these events and have no right to forget them! In most cases, though, when people start achieving better living standards, they forget about their past…

Therefore, I sincerely wish all of you peace, wealth, and prosperity. May Kazakhstan and Ukraine further develop their business and exchange experiences! May we raise healthy children and have our hearts warmed by our relatives and friends in the future!

–Thank you for having this conversation.