The winter crop sowing season has come to an end. We have already sown rapeseed and wheat. Volodymyr Siryi, Kusto Agro Farming CEO, talks about autumn works peculiarities.

Sowing season results: what was done?

Winter crop sowing was successful. Despite the drought, we managed to prepare the soil and promptly sow 3.9 thousand hectares of wheat and 4.8 thousand hectares of rapeseed. In general, we only had some issues with soybean sowing because rains did not let us do all the works on schedule.

However, we have already estimated the results in the entire area. In terms of sprout quality, we can affirm that the sowing campaign was a success.

Kusto Agro technical supply

This year, Kusto Agro has purchased the largest number of machinery for the entire period of its operation. The investment amount was about $4 million. The company now has well-known brands of tractors, seed drills, combine harvesters, and sprayers.

Only in 2019, Kusto Agro purchased four New Holland combine harvesters and load-transfer devices from the Kobzarenko plant. We also bought two Amazone spreaders, six John Deere tractors and two self-propelled sprayers. To improve fieldwork quality, we bought four Kinze seed drills and the same number of new Tiger Mate cultivators and plows.

What work is being carried out now?

We have fully completed winter crops sowing. We still continue working on our cornfields. However, all the work is steadily coming to an end. For Kusto Agro, it is always important to carry out all farm tasks during sowing and harvesting seasons on time.