Kusto Agro has finished works on soil cultivation. The farmers have already applied fertilizers in the fields where winter rapeseed and wheat are grown. Volodymyr Siryi, Kusto Agro Farming’s CEO, talks about the peculiarities of winter works.

“Soil cultivation is an important phase conducted by our company every year. As soon as the frosts came, we started spreading nitrogen fertilizers,” says Volodymyr Siryi.

As of today, Kusto Agro has finished fertilizing winter wheat and winter rapeseed with ammonium sulfate. The farmers used John Deere tractors and Amazone spreaders to achieve a successful fertilizer application.

In January, the company applied fertilizers in winter wheat fields belonging to Agro-Dnister in the Khmelnytsky region. Kusto Agro’s agronomists also fertilized the soil in the fields belonging to Spika and Agroline Ukraine companies, as well as in Lishchyna and Troshcha villages. The farmers also plan to apply the ammonia-nitrate mixture in late February.

Kusto Agro plans to purchase two Case tractors and a modern Case IH Patriot Spx 4430 sprayer this year. Other machinery fleet renewals are not scheduled for 2020.