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Now the company is completing the feeding of corn. And also plans to process winter wheat again. We made this decision because of the weather conditions – there were heavy rainfall. It also remains to treat 600 hectares of corn with insurance herbicides of the nicosulfuron group.

In addition, we have completed the scheduled repairs of harvesters and are now delivering them to farms. Approximately from July 5 we will harvest.

“The weather conditions were difficult. If you remember, the winter is snowless with little rainfall. As a result, productive moisture was 40% less than the norm. And then in April-May there were frosts. Rapeseed and wheat have suffered. It was necessary to remove from a stressful state, to make amino acids. But thanks to our agronomic and engineering services, we managed to minimize the negative impact.

The engineering service prepared all the equipment well and on time. Therefore, we promptly and in the optimal time carried out sowing, and also introduced plant protection products. Everything was done perfectly well,” — Vladimir Sery.

In total this year, Kusto Agro has focused on the following crops: corn – 9200 hectares, rapeseed – 4780 hectares, wheat – 3900 hectares, sunflower – 4000 hectares, soybeans – 1480 hectares.

Traditionally, Kusto Agro replenishes the park with modern equipment. This year, a Case Patriot 4430 sprayer with a boom width of 36 m was purchased.

“We previously purchased a Case sprayer with a boom width of 36 m, from which it worked well, so in this case we decided to go with 36 m for more coverage. We also installed a system to immediately apply herbicides. But this is a new system, so manufacturers are still working on it. We purchased equipment on a large scale last year, so this year we simply strengthened our fleet of equipment pointwise” – Vladimir Sery.

Kusto Agro is actively engaged in the implementation of precision farming approaches. In his work he uses FieldView and Cropio systems. FieldView is used in seeding and when applying fertilizers and plant protection products. Now it is planned to install on combines.

The R&D department also started its work.

“We have laid a lot of experiments – about 180. This is more than in all previous years of work. Combines will map the harvest, all moments will be digitized and analyzed. We do this in order to identify errors, eliminate them and achieve optimal yields.

Now we use several types of fertilizers, we introduce different norms when sowing corn. We also try various seeding rates – from 65 thousand to 80 thousand. And then we will collect all the data and analyze it. A lot of work awaits, which will give us the information we need to improve performance.

We are also testing the Cultan system, which is new for Ukraine, a technology for spot application of liquid nitrogen fertilizers directly into the soil. We are testing on an area of ​​4 hectares. The equipment was provided by Podolia Agrozakhist, Volodymyr Sery summed up.

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