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In May 2021 Director General of Kusto Agro, Mr. Alisher Tiazhyn, held a joint meeting of the Company’s employees – tractor drivers, combine harvesters, agronomists, heads of enterprises and units. This is for the first time that the Company organized such an event. Its goal was to get to know each of those who attended the meeting, to understand what problems they face and what can be done to address them.

The meeting was held in an extraordinary, creative and modern format – there were no official narratives and formalities typical of such gatherings, and so from the very start the mood for open dialogue and trust was set.

The persons present at the meeting did not hesitate to ask questions and talk about the problems they were concerned with. And Director General and other specialists immediately answered them. If a question needed a further inquiry, they sincerely said that they would surely provide an answer after making the work needed.

The active dialogue between the Kusto people took more than two hours until all of the issues were discussed.

“I liked the meeting, I wanted to communicate with people openly, without formalities. And I think I succeeded, I heard what I wanted to hear and we have chosen a cool communication format,” Mr. Alisher Tiazhyn, Director General, summarized and promised that the Company would hold such meetings on a regular basis.

One of Alisher Tiazhyn’s rules is to listen to each of the persons working for Kusto Agro, not just office staff. He often goes to the fields and farms where Kusto Agro conducts its activities to find out what the problems are in situ and how the Company’s management addresses these problems and organizes the work, since the slightest detail may affect the climate in the Company. Recently, to promptly identify the problems and the gaps, their location and causes, the Company is focused on bringing the office staff as close as possible to the field, and vice versa. And this is why today Kusto Agro management can be seen in the field side by side with machinery operators, combine operatorы, and agronomists more often than at the Company offices.

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