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The harvest campaign is currently underway in the fields of Kusto Agro. In the face of russia’s military aggression, our agrarian professionals keep on working restlessly on our native land to ensure our food security. Despite the war and the hardships it brings, the Company’s combine harvesters are in the field in time to gather this year’s harvest.

“The weather and the state of the crops which are the main driving factors of the harvest inspire optimism. Unfortunately, the war raging in our country makes us do everything quickly and with maximum efficiency,” Volodymyr Siryi, Deputy Director General for Production, says. The grain looks good, so good yield indicators are expected. We have enough equipment for harvesting. Kusto Agro has own grain harvesters and a powerful motor vehicle fleet. Motor vehicles deliver grain to elevators, and there it is carefully checked in our own laboratories, dried and stored. The driver of the first truck with grain was traditionally greeted there with a bread loaf on a Ukrainian embroidered towel.

We finished harvesting of rape and completed threshing of wheat. Buckwheat is next – although this is the first time that the Company sowed buckwheat, today it pleases the eye with its bloom. To make the 2022 harvest a success, Kusto Agro scrutinizes every element of the agricultural technology which may bring down the cost of tilling the field and growing the crops and ensure maximum efficiency. We do not skimp on technologies, we treat and fertilize the plants on time and as much as needed. In our work we use seeds, plant protection agents and fertilizers from European and national manufacturers in equal measure.

Concurrently, Kusto Agro’s sowing campaign is underway. We have already completed to sow winter rapeseed on an area of over 2,000 hectares. The sowing campaign is going well, there is enough moisture, everything is prepared, the equipment is in place, and there is also no shortage of seeds.

Volodymyr Vasylovych often goes to the fields and this year, in addition to agricultural technologies, his primary concern is the safety of our machinery operators; he asks them not to ignore the “Air Alert” signal and observe work safety, protect their lives and health. So, under the current circumstances, Kusto Agro has to adapt to many challenges, but our agrarian professionals do not complain because they understand that today they are on the frontline of Ukraine’s food security.

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