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“Plants at Kusto Agro show hopeful signs of a good harvest,” the Kusto specialists concluded during a regular Crop Tour which began on July 27 and lasted for two days. This measure has been introduced by Director General, Mr. Alisher Tiazhyn, in the past year. So, for the second consecutive year, office employees have the opportunity to go to the field to inspect the cultivated areas and see how the plants develop and how the harvest campaign is implemented. Everyone with own eyes could see the wheat threshing process, inspect the condition of agricultural crops and draw appropriate conclusions.

As a result of personal communication between the office staff and production specialists, the issues of concern received appropriate answers and office employees got a more thorough understanding of the agricultural production process. Such communication is mutually beneficial and important.

“With each visit like this, we dip deeper into the production processes. We find answers to important questions. Activities like this facilitate the birth and development of new creative ideas.

On the second Crop Tour we realized that it improves the teamwork environment, helps form the team spirit and makes our team stronger. This is its goal,” Mr. Volodymyr Siryi, Director of Serviseagrotech LLC, says.

“Activities like the Crop Tour should become the Company’s tradition; they greatly contribute to its business performance. They help realize the responsibility of each Kusto Agro employee within the framework of the production process, contribute to the comprehension of what problems emerge and how to deal with them. And this is possible only when you see and examine the work in its entirety from within, when you are fully aware of all the challenges and clearly see all of the pros and cons. And all this for the sake of the Company’s successful development. it’s a fact of life that the earth forgives no carelessness, no dilettantism and, certainly, no mistakes,” Mr. Voldemar Mostovenko, Head of the Research and Development Department, concludes.

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